Business is Changing. Technology is Creating. Economics is Shaking. Geography is Mutating. Politics is Shaping. Relationships are Melding. Power is Shifting. While Education is Stagnating.

At least where I'm from the state of learning and education is pretty much the same today as it was when I was in school - 20 years ago.

While we build the Space Age and Impressive Architecture; While we create Lean Industries and Sustainable Technology; While we lobby for Remote Work and Free Speech; We can choose to pay attention and build the minds that will inherit this exciting future.

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Welcome to Pins and Boards

Every Tuesday we explore Learning and Education.

Drawing on insight from Psychology, Creativity, Faith, Classrooms, Common Sense and Research we seek to imagine and rethink the kind of Education that will prepare today’s children for the uncertainty and instability of an uncharted future.

You are here because you love teaching. You enjoy the open and present smiles of children and you see their limitless potential.

Or you're a lifelong learner who's just curious about everything.

Or you're a concerned parent. You've been planning for your child's education. You signed up for an Education Savings Policy but it still hasn't put you at ease. The high cost of Private Education gives you anxiety while the thought of your child doing Public Education in the COVID Era makes your armpits sweat.

Maybe there's a better way.

Who Am I?

I am a Music Educator based in Nairobi.

I work with Piano & Music Theory students to discover the inner game of music.

Book Summaries

In the coming months I’ll be updating this section with links to my summaries of the classic texts on Education, Learning and other noteworthy reads.